Smart SurfMax Promo 2016 Update

Smart SurfMax is the latest promo of smart in term with your internet surfing needs. This promo is available to all smart subscribers nationwide for both Smart Postpaid and Smart Prepaid.

Here are the package for Prepaid:

Here are the package for Postpaid:

Note: Surfmax offers 2G or 3G, where available and Surfmax Plus offers 2G, 3G or 4G, where available.

How to register the Promo?
Just text <Keyword> then send it to 9999

Example: SURFMAX995 to 9999

Avail the promo and enjoy..!

Smart AllOutSURF 30 all-in-1 Promo

Ito na ang completong promo ng Smart, ang tinatawag na AllOutSURF 30, ang lahat na gusto ay nang dito na... You can now do everything sa mobile phone mo..

With All Out Surf 30 you get...
- 300MB data to surf any site
- Unli All net SMS
- 30 mins trinet Calls
- Free facebook
- Valid for 2 days
- Just text ALLOUT30 to 9999

At hindi lang 30 yong pwede mong ma-avail... just see and and read the Plan of promo below.
enjoy lang sa Smart..!

Smart GIGASURF50 AND Giga Surf 299 Promo

1GB of open access volume data with FREE 300MB of iflix, Spinnr, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Dubsmash and Skype Qik, all valid for 3 days

- just text GIGASURF50 and send to 9999

2GB of open access volume data with FREE 1.1GB of iflix, Spinnr, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Dubsmash and Skype Qik, all valid for 30 days

- just text GIGASURF299 and send to 9999

Smart SAKTODATA30 - 7 days Prepaid Promo: Internet

Another latest promo from smart telecom, the SAKTODATA30 promo with 7 days internet browsing for only 30 pesos. Not only that, you can also avail the FREE CALL for 7 days also.

How to register?
- Smart Prepaid subscriber
- Just load 30 pesos of regular load
- Just text SAKTODATA30 to 9999

Promo benefits:
- Internet browsing
- Free Calls
- Valid for 7 days

Register na!

Smart Postpaid SurfMax Promo 2016 Update

The latest internet promo of Smart to all Smart Postpaid subscriber nationwide. This promo is available in SurfMax 50 and SurfMax 995 promo package. It allows you do all online activities like facebook, gmail, yahoomail, viewing your favorite youtube channels, updating your online transactions all day long up to 1GB of data per day at optima speed, if its consumed the connection will be change up to midnight.

How to avail the promos?

For SurfMax 50:
- 50 pesos worth of regular load
- Postpaid subscriber
- 1 day validity
- Just text SURFMAX50 and send it to 9999

For SurfMax 995:
- 995 pesos worth of regular load or higher
- Postpaid subscriber
- 30 day validity
- Just text SURFMAX995 and send it to 9999

After you had send your registration, just wait the confirmation message before using the promo to avoid addition charges or invalidity of your registration. Enjoy...

Smart Super Messaging20 Promo

Only 20 pesos worth of regular load you can chat, call and have unlimited text to all network handog ng smart. If you are interested with the promo just read the information below for more information and details. This promo is open to all Smart subscribers nationwide, 24/7...

Benefits and Promo requirements for availment:
- 20 pesos worth of regular load
- 10 mins Trinet Calls (TNT, Smart and SUN)
- Unlimited text to all networks
- Unlimited Chat via Viber, whatsapp, line, fb messenger
- Jus text SM20 and send to 9999

Wait for the confirmation message from Smart Telecom regarding your subscription. Feel free to inquire your balance if you transaction experience delay. Just enjoy...

Smart FREE Internet Promo Extention – February 15 2015

The Smart FREE Internet Promo is now extended until February 15, 2015! As a Smart subscriber I am happy to hear this, because of this Free Internet Promo extention I do my transaction and other activities online for FREE. I can now visit to my FB Page, check my E-mail, check My Paypal account, and Post to My Blog without cost.

If you are register to this promo, you can avail 30MB of data for your internet surfing per day. Just see the summary of this promo stated below for more details!

In order to Register:
- browse up  to 30MB of data per day
- Until February 15, 2015
- Just text FREE and send to 9999

To send your registration, you are required to have more or not less than 1 peso balance in your account to process your registration. If you have less than Php1.00 balance your registration will not be send anymore, I suggest you to borrow load from Smart, if you want to borrow, just see:>>> How to borrow load from Smart?

Smart SUPER10: 1 day Unli-Chat and Text Promo 2015

As of the year 2015, another promo from Smart has been launched. You are going to say “WOW” to this promo, why? Because now you can enjoy Smart’s best messaging offer – Unlimited Chat using messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, whatts App, Line, and Wechat. And in addition it has also an Unlimited Text to Smart, SUN, Talk ‘N Text subscribers nationwide for only Ten (10) pesos.